November, 2000

SMUG travels to the Lake Shore
by Jim Hole

november2000imageThe SMUG group traveled to the Lake Shore for the last meeting of the year and met at Hope College's stylish Haworth Conference Center.

Haworth Welcomes SMUG
Tom Ziemba of Haworth kicked things off with an overview of Haworth's use of Pro/ENGINEER. Haworth has 60 licenses here in the states, 28 in Canada, 19 in Europe, and a handful in Asia. They are using many modules including Pro/NC, Pro/PROCESS, and ProductView; all on the 2000i2 release.

Living Hinge Design
Following Tom was John F. Gill, Product Engineer, of Gill Industries. John gave a PowerPoint overview of Gill Industries' capabilities; this information can also be found on Gill's website. After the PowerPoint presentation, John sat down at the tube and demonstrated his use of the Spinal Bend feature when designing a living hinge. This was a great demo, which led John into revealing some advanced surfacing methods he uses when faced with complicated draft conditions.

ProductView Express
Next up was Eric Boersma, of PTC. Eric showed us ProductView Express, a free download from PTC, that allows people to view, spin, and shade Pro/ENGINEER assemblies, models and drawings via a browser with no Pro/ENGINEER license required. After a few SMUG member questions, Eric determined that all models of an assembly need to be in the same directory, but the drawing just uses a "picture" type file and does not need the drawing models. Tom Ziemba added that Haworth's purchasing department uses and loves this tool. When using this software, add the setting Save_Model_Display = Shading_LOD.

BMX Impromptu
Following a short break, Eric played off John's earlier demo, to show the users an actual real life application for the Behavioral Modeling Extension. On one of John models the angle of draft was the result of a linear offset dimension. Eric created a measurement feature and used the Behavioral Modeling Extension to drive the linear dimension to result in a "real" draft angle.

To me this was a very valuable addition to the agenda. Having trained new users in the past, I have seen many users adapt their designs to the limited functionality they know how to use. Sometimes I think we all do this to a certain point, just at different ability levels. This little example drove home, for me, the need to continually learn the new functionality and always set aside some Pro/E "playtime". I truly believe the time invested will pay off in time returned.

For the final Pro/ENGINEER demo, Gill Industries was back with Rob Kamrath. Rob showed us his use of Pro/PROCESS. The demo used back seat, "flip up" mounting brackets that Rob had worked on. Rob showed the use of Pro/PROCESS combined with Simplified Reps, "Dummy" Features, and Family Tabled Assemblies. By using some or all of these techniques he was able to fully show the manufacturing and assembly processed needed. I think Rob's demo proved that having theses shaded images to communicate with would help bring everyone involved with a design up to speed much faster.

Rand's scheduled demonstration on their Procision software was postponed. Dr. Kurowksi, who was scheduled to give the presentation, was stuck in Seattle, Washington. Jason Carpenter from Rand did, however, hype up the software and offered anyone interested an individual demo. Click here to read more about Procision or you can contact Jason at the Grand Rapids Rand office. Scott Hibner also mentioned It sounds like Rand would like to make this site a one stop shop for Mr. Joe Engineer.

The meeting concluded with drawings for the hats, shirts, mouse pads, and frisbees that Rand donated. Stay tuned to the SMUG email exploder and website for future articles and events.