SMUG Vendor Policy

For the purpose of establishing fee requirements, SMUG defines a vendor to be: any company that sells hardware, software, or training and any company outside of the greater Grand Rapids area that sells design related services. Local design service companies still have to pay for booth space, but they do not need to pay for presentation time.

There are 3 ways that a vendor can participate in a SMUG event; either as an exibitor, as a presenter/exhibitor, or as a meeting sponsor.


Exhibitor: The cost to rent a table is $200.

Exhibitor/Presenter: The cost for 30-40 minutes of presentation time and a table is $300.

Meeting Sponsor: Contact a SMUG officer for information on sponsoring a meeting.



All vendor presentations must be approved in advance and, unless otherwise specified, are strongly encouraged to be educational in nature. In order to guarantee presentation time, the presentation title, abstract, and presenter's name must be provided at least one month prior to SMUG event. If submissions are not received within this time frame, presentation time and the extra monies paid for it may be forfeited. Additionally, please provide the speakerís job title and a short biography (written in 3rd person) that can be used for their introduction. Vendors may use the first 2 minutes and 2 slides of their presentation to provide background information about their company.

Sharing Tables

Upon request and for an additional $100, up to two vendors may share a table. In order to qualify, the two vendors must have a known business relationship (technology partner, reseller, etc).

Attendee/Member Lists

Attendee and/or member lists are not shared with vendors. Vendors are, however, permitted to collect contact information from attendees who are interested in their products and services.

Fish Bowl Drawings

Fish bowl drawings are acceptable for collecting contact information. The vendor may provide any door prize of their choosing for the fish bowl drawing (this includes logo wear, promotional items, etc.). How and when the drawing occurs is up to each vendor, but it must occur by end of meeting.


Vendors are asked to arrive approximately one hour prior to advertised meeting/lunch commencement to allow time for booth setup, check hardware compatibility with A/V equipment, etc.

Please provide the name and cell phone number for at least 1 person who will be at your vendor table.

The Pinnacle Center (our most common venue) has a policy that nothing may be affixed to the walls. Their tables are approximately 6 feet long by 30 inches wide.

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